Manufacturing Process


PVC basic sheets are produced by mixing PVC resin powder and various additives such as plasticizer, stabilizer etc.


The wood grain and the other natural designs are printed on the basic printing sheets according to “Gravuier printing method” without limit in range. About 400 patterns ranging from wood grain to leather, etc. are available. Color matching according to the design and the customer’s taste is possible at this step.


By covering the printed sheet and transparent layer not only the printed surface would be protected forever, but also it provides closer touch and natural look.


Through the UV coating process for a reinforcing hardness of film surface, deco sheets obtain remarkable durability and resistance against worn-out agents.


In the maturation room interior films impregnated with special adhesive material are kept for 72 hours at 50 Celsius degrees. This process provides the best condition for optimizing sticking powers of the film by removing remaining solvent from the products.


Applying bond on the backside of the deco sheets after embossing results in production of PVC interior films. This technical adhesiveness provides easy and excellent application on all kinds of surfaces for remodeling and interior / exterior decoration in office and houses.